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  1. dragonknight2000 28wk 6d ago

    hiya new friend here.. ^_^ actually i was wondering how you put does affiliated groups in your signature image cause i don't know how...? kindly help me with that :)))

  2. farhana Mar 28, 2014

    Quote by temarigenius

    Quote by farhana Hi there~ just wanna let you know that I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUU!

    Farhana! Missed you tooooo! <333
    Long time no see! How are you!?

    I'm not that active in MT now that I don't know who is still active out there >_<
    It felt so quiet! Thank god you poked me! =D

    Ahh. Sorry for the late reply. Haven't been active around here for weeks.
    I'm doing fine. Really missed you though especially when we used to PMed each other like crazy and talking about a bunch of things.

    It's 2014 already. Can't believe how time flies, right? Haha!
    I'm currently a student at a local university here in Malaysia. How about you?